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PIFA Inter Center (2011)

PIFA All Center Tournament (PACT) 2011


PIFA conducted their annual all center football tournament on Sunday 16th January. The event which was held at St.Andrew’s, Bandra attracted over 25 teams and over 250 children who participated in 4 age groups – U-8, U-11, U-14 and U-17. In the U-8 category, Prakhar Goel was adjudjed to be the best player in this age group with Riday Khandke and Vedant Joshi picking up the Fair Player and Most Improved player awards. Zal Colabawala, Zaid Chaitwala and Mariam Mozayan were identified as Promising Players.

Team Brazil won the U-11 age group Aryanaah Tara collecting the Best Player award. Neil Kapadia was given the Fair Player and Rahil Parekh the Most Improved award. Promising Players of this category were Suyog Maktekar, Samruddh Shetgaonkar and Devansh Gupta. The U-14 age group Sunny won the Best Player award, Raj Mehta the Fair Player and Pranay Shroff the Most Improved. Raul Soonawala, Adit and Ashay were identified as Promising Players. The top age category of U-17 Yash Advani picked up the Best Player Award. Nimesh Solanki managed to win Fair Player with Rehan chosen as Most Improved. Devansh Vyas, Shiv and Ishaan Khan were Promosing Players in the age group.

The 4 winning team in their respective categories were as follows:

U-8: Tigers
1. Prakhar Goel
2. Avya Kothari
3. Arnav Talreja
4. Jordan Noronha

U-11: Brazil
1. Krishiv Makhija
2. Divyam Agarwal
3. Rohan Vora
4. Param Shah
5. vidur Mishra

U-14: Arsenal
1. Kush Shah
2. Aryaman Parekh
3. Aryaman M
4. Vedant J
5. Shanay M

U-17: Arsenal
1. Yash Advani
2. Devansh Daswani
3. Nikunj Rele
4. Bhumitra Gomes
5. Joshua Almeida

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