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PIFA elite

The objective of the Elite program is to create world class players in a challenging and stimulating environment. Through a scientific training program that nurtures the development of Elite players and exposes those to the highest level of competition.


  • Focus on  excellence in Technical development by working on a range of movements and techniques
  • Makes the player tactically perfect by training him in the understanding of when, where and what techniques
  • Helps the player achieve the optimum level of physical fitness by working on their Speed, Strength, Suppleness, Stamina and Skill.
  • Inculcate football nutrition, the player learns how to fuel his body on & off the field.
  • The Elite program inculcates a winning mentality and a strong character with a positive attitude to improve performance on and off the field.
  • Talented players will be offered appropriate age category PIFA teams to play in.
  • Teaches one that discipline is essential for skill building
  • Sports is a great equaliser and unites youth from various backgrounds
  • Lower School dropout rate
  • Belonging to a publicly recognised team offers a valuable sense of affiliation and provides youth with their own space both physically and emotionally.
  • Team membership provides them with an opportunity to form friendships, mentoring and intensify peer networks
  • Elite training program requires time and dedication
  • One-hour sessions twice a week for 9 months of the year + Matches
  • Competition and tournaments require  travel (cost extra)

For inquiries email: academy@pifa.co.in