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PIFA Champions Tour: (in May / June)

These are camps conducted in Europe for children 8-18 years from India.

In 2016, we visited Germany & UK. In 2017, we have organised camps to Spain, Germany & UK. Call 98209 68365 for details.

PIFA has already conducted 38 camps since 2003 to Europe and is established as the best value camps for children.

Camps were taken to Manchester, London, Liverpool-UK, Barcelona-Spain, AC Milan Academy- Italy, Rangers Soccer School -Scotland, Borussia Dortmund – Germany, Madrid – Spain.


PIFA International Camp: (in Oct / Nov)

These are camps with our foreign coaches in India. In 2017 camps will be held in Mumbai & Dehra Dun. Our last camp was held in Jammu in December 2016.

In 2017 camps will be held in Mumbai & Dehra Dun. Our last camp was held in Jammu in December 2016.

PIFA has conducted 41 camps in India since 2004, with coaches from England conducting the training. Camps were organised in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Hyderabad, Jammu and Dehra Dun.

PIFA Local Camp: (in Holidays)

Intensive camps conducted by PIFA coaches during the holiday breaks.

Contact : 98209 68365


Premier India Football Academy camps are for children of all calibres ranging from 8-18 years. Open to boys and girls.

At each camp the children are accompanied by staff from India who 24-7 look after the children, thus helping them to focus entirely on the training and enjoy their camp.

The camps are conducted in a safe environment. With an emphasis on the children’s well-being.

The objective of the camps is to help the children to learn and enjoy. It is a great learning process for them and a huge step to making them independent. Their dream to play in Europe & to be trained by the best UEFA/FA coaches and make new friends, make it a memorable experience.

Improvement is guaranteed. All camps have been an outright success and have a high number of children returning the next camp.

PIFA has organised camps for over 2500 children over the last 12 years.

Do you want a camp in your City or School?

If yes, please email on info@pifa.co.in

We can organise camps with PIFA and International coaches. Our training methods guarantee improvement. The results are amazing.

Note from a camper from Hyderabad

“This camp was really amazing and I had a lot of fun and most of the credit goes to you guys because you people have organised it for us. It was my first time out of India and I wasn’t on holiday but I was in the UK to play football the most precious thing in my life, I truly deeply and madly enjoyed the camp and it was great fun meeting new people and playing football. The 8 to 10 days that we together were like one the best days of my life. Thank you, Madam and Sir, It was great being with you people and getting to know you”

– Ananth Tejo Dasari attended the PIFA International camp to Inspire Academy in June 2009.