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AIFF Masterplan – LAKSHYA

Dear Friends,

It gives us immense pleasure to present to you Lakshya: One Goal. One Vision. – a MasterPlan for the future development of Indian Football.

This document is aimed at giving all of us a consistent sense of direction for developing the beautiful game in India. We see increased roles to be played by our esteemed state associations, clubs, coaches, referees and all other stakeholders – all of us have to work in unison if our Lakshya is to be met successfully.

Maximum focus and efforts have been directed at youth development as that is our future. Rob Baan and his team comprising of Scott O’Donnell (Technical Director of AIFF Academies) and Arthur Papas (Head Coach – Pailan Arrows and India U-23 Team) have been working relentlessly since their first day in India to give shape to our most talented youth and set up a high quality supply line of players for the India Senior Team under Wim Kovermanns. We are very glad to have all these gentlemen here and are very confident that they will lead Indian Football in the right direction.

At the same time, much also needs to be done towards improving the marketability of ourmatches and tournaments, developing better infrastructure and giving top quality exposureand learning paths to our coaches and referees. All these and more have been addressed in this Master Plan. What I am glad and also proud about is that some of these initiatives such as, setting up of the AIFF regional Academies, restructuring of coaches curriculum etc. have already taken off and are progressing well.

As you might know, we have also been working continuously towards putting in a competitive bid to host the U-17 FIFA World Cup in 2017. This Master Plan is very detailed, however, a successful bid for the U-17 World Cup will help us to go beyond what is outlined here. For instance, it will not only give our existing infrastructure a much-needed boost, but will also help attract a lot of investments into Indian Football.

I would like to heartily thank as well as congratulate Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF,Robert Baan, Technical Director, AIFF and their entire team for diligently putting thisdocument together which is the first-of-its-kind vision document that has ever been writtenfor Indian Football. We hope that this Master Plan will be a very useful guiding light for all

of us to work dutifully towards restoring the glory of Indian Football.

Praful Patel


All India Football Federation