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Skills Contest


PIFA-Skills-07-winnerPIFA Skills contest is an event to identify the best available football talent.

PIFA operates a fun based Skills contest that provides youth soccer players with an opportunity to test their skills in a fun competitive environment.

Skills Challenge Philosophy

The PIFA Skills Contest is designed to ignite a passion for self improvement in young players. Inspiration is one of three key methods that PIFA coaches use to deliver the Building Blocks of Player Development.


The Skills Contest  series provides a set of objective results that players can use to track their own personal technical development over time.  The five Skills tested are also a tool to help motivate players to improve their technical ability.

  1. Dribbling
  2. Control
  3. Passing
  4. Shooting
  5. Lofted pass

The contest in its previous editions have been won by children who have gone on to represent the country and state.

The event is held annually and can test over 400 children in one day.