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Trials for Academy & I league U13, U15 & U18 teams

PIFA is conducting trials for the Academy & Team.

Procedure  –  Players wishing to play for the I league U13, U15 & U18

Eligibility: Only for players staying in and around Mumbai, age must be 18 years and below

Age cut offs:

U18 – 1st Jan 1999
U15 – 1st Jan 2002
U13 – 1st Jan 2004

Step 1: Register by sending an email to info@pifa.co.in

Step 2: You will receive an email with a link to register online, fill up the form

Step 3: If your email is correct, then you will receive an invite for trial.

Step 4: After your trial, you will receive an email to join the Advance / Elite Academy by paying fees.

Step 5: On paying fees you will be eligible to play for PIFA teams in the I league and/or MDFA 1st Division depending on your performance amongst all the PIFA students across India.