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NSS Hiill Spring International School 2011-12

PIFA successfully conclude the football training for NSS Hill Spring International School 2011-2012 with presentation of certificates and prizes to the students. This was the 3rd year.

The U16 team attained promotion from the 4th Division to the 2nd division in 2 years. They finished runners up in they 3rd division this year. All the school teams reached the quarterfinals.

Best Players for the year 2011-2012 at the MSSA :

U-10 Boys – Vraj Shah

U-12 Boys – Shaan Navani

U-14 Boys – Amar Patel

U-14 Girls – Sabiha Officewala
Best Player Girls – Naomi Kasbekar.

Best Player Boys – Arnav Kasbekar.


The twins were exceptional in the goal and helped the school team progress into the final rounds of all the tournaments they participated in. Well Done

– Nirvan Shah (Academy Director and UEFA licensed coach)